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About Me

About Me

Ciao to all, my mame is Enrico,  born in San Maurizio (Torino) Italy, year 1946, single, I worked for 35 years as a tecnician/electrician in a factory here near my qth, retired in 1996,  I have two brothers Ezio and Marino, I became interested in the Radio world around 1975, first operating for some years on Citizen Band, then later as SWL for many years,  till that day where born in me desire to get Ham licence, licenced as  IK1MNJ in 1988, I'm a member of the ARI since 1980 and ARRL since 1992, immediately with great passion  put my self on the air hunting DX, that really was my goal, I like DIY regarding antennas and accessories, I'm owner of many (virtual) Awards, till now I' ve never credited nothing  -- ( see Awards ) --  that's all, but I must confess DX' ing is not my only passion, I'm sharing  it with Photography and Reefkeeping since  1960 (i stopped this last hobby around 2006 to move towards the Koi Pond), Pondkeeping) about the photography i like taking pictures in any occasion and during my very frequent trips in our beautiful Alpi mountains area, Lakes, Villages, Art Cities in Italy and Europe, nowadays with a digital camera revolution, taking pictures is very easy, at home with my computer I can correct  them, print them, share them, I really enjoy the digital system very much, also from in the past around 1960/1980 I have had some other interesting hobbies, first one was go around our area discovering and collecting Fossils in company of my brother Ezio, I have a very nice collection, most of the pieces where found by ourselves in the many deposits our region offers, specially of  that age called "Astiano",  much present in the Asti area,  Langhe  and  Monferrato ; the other hobby was also  very interesting  too, building  Airplane civils and military statics models and mainly gliders about flying models, OK nothing more to say except that I like also gardening, I have a two cats called "Brigida and Gidina and two dogs "Rudy and Ringo all SK" as May 2022 i have a new very pretty and lively dog called Ingo,  lots of flowers, many kinds of fruit trees, apple, plum, cherry, kiwi, peach, hazel-nut trees.
Well, now you know something more about me, I hope you like these pages, I'm  closing now, many thanks for visiting, really I hope to meet you some day also on the air,  for now, I wish you and all those in your family all the best, good luck.
                                                                                                                                           73' de Enrico IK1MNJ.

Indirizzato ai Radioamatori Italiani : clicca quì per conoscere la mia personale vicenda passata a causa di una denuncia fatta in Comune da un anonimo, accusandomi di inquinare con onde Elettromagnetiche quì tutti i dettagli documentati.

Indirizzato ai Radioamatori Italiani : clicca quì per conoscere la mia situazione personale al riguardo del mio problema più grande nell esercitare la mia attività di Radioamatore cioè i disturbi generati da una linea ENEL trifase in aria da 1500 Volt, situata molto vicino a casa mia.

Enrico Robetto
Via Borgo Nuovo 12
10077 San Maurizio Canavese
Torino, ITALY

Advices, suggestions, comments and questions are welcome, let me know what you think!
Get in touch via email at ik1mnj

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