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40m. 2el. Cubical Quad


40m. 2el. Cubical Quad

I added late 1998, 2 elements Cubical Quad full size for 40m. band, (elements by PKW ), the two booms ( Mart 6 Bands Quad and PKW  40m. Quad) are been joined toghether so to strengthen the whole system, the Mart boom lenght supporting elements originally was 33 feet, it has been lengthened to 47 feet, due to the necessity of guying 40m. Quad arms.

Performances : Cubical Quad 2 elements in 40m. gain over dipole    7 DB - F/B 20 DB - F/S 35 DB.

Here a photo slideshow on the assembly of 2el. 40m. Quad added to a boom wich support 5el. 6 bands 6 to 20m. Cubical Quad.

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