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New Tower


New Tower

I began my Radio activity late 1988 as IK1MNJ, my first antenna was a 5 elements threebands loaded Yagi, 35 feet boom and 4 elements plus separated reflector each band, for a total of 5 elements on 10/15/ and 20m., over a crank up small Tower, rotator was a CDE mod. CD45, it worked well till 1991, where born the idea to change my Yagi Antenna with 5ele. 3bands Cubical Quad by PKW, it worked well for Years even in 17 and 12m., late in 1998 wanting to further improve my antenna system, I decided to replace the Quad with a more powerful, who also worked ( forced with a tuner )on the WARC bands 17 and 12m., I decided then to buy the Antenna Mart, 5elementi of 6 bands, 6 to 20 meters, the antenna was very big, so my old tower could not support, so I replace it with a much more robust, the choice falls on Giovannini firm, Model triangular with a side of 50 cm and a height of 24 meters, guyed at four levels, here down the Slideshow about this new installation.

Here a photo slideshow on the assembly of New Tower Giovannini.

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