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Window Line New Approach


Window Line New Approach Year 2020

  1) * Added dipole inverted V for 60 m. total lengh 26.8 m.

2) * Redesigned and manufactured new 10 bands 300 Homs Window Line antenna switch, i used new 30 amperes relays.

3) * Redesigned and manufactured new  Window-Line Arc-Shunts, using spark plugs, capable of three different input line .

4) * New construction approach and improvement in the power supply system on the various bands, 6, 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 30, 40, 60 and 80 m. of my antenna system.
In the old installation (2015) I used the classic window line 450 homs arranged like this (in the air) which worked well, however it was subject to atmospheric agents mainly rain and snow which make the tuning unstable and force a correction of the antenna match, from here the idea to protect the lines with a PVC pipe used for electrical systems, at this point however the problem arose of the imposing system of large pipes given the width of the window line 450 homs (23 mm wide), so instead I used window line 300 homs which has a much more acceptable width of 11 mm, so a 16 mm diameter pvc pipe is enough, so I did, dismantled all lines at 450 homs, made a system of 16 mm pvc pipes for each single power supply, from the central relay box located near the mast of the antenna up to each single feeding point on the various radiators of the various antennas, pipes duly spaced from each other and from the boom and antenna mast and all joints on the pipe line are glued, so as to prevent any infiltration of water, very hard work!.
5) Last note, in the old installation the 450 homs line descended from the antenna obliquely directly to the 4:1 balun fixed on the house wall, from here it entered the shack with a piece of 50 homs coaxial cable, with the intention of doing a more clean visible impact now the windov line at 300 homs goes down ducted to the base of the tower, here there is new Window Line Arc Shunt capable of three different input line, from here it reaches the wall just outside the shack underground in a big tube where alredy pass the rotor control cables and the multiple cable for relays antenna switch, this done after having documented me on the web and in particular from an article on QST (august 2018) written by John W6NBC (thanks to Gian I1POR who pointed out the article on QST) the difference is that instead of using polyethylene foam pipe I used two flexible pvc pipes for electrical systems, arranged one inside the other and in the smallest there is the 300 homs windon line, so as to keep adequate distance from the remaining cables, (it's work! thanks John) from here the 300 homs window line is joined in a waterproof box with a couple piece of RG213 of equal length, with the respective screens welded together and grounded it reaches the 4: 1 Comtek balun and the J.W. Miller tuner Mod. AT2500 inside the Shack.

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