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My Numbers

IK1MNJ's Shack

First picture shows my Shack around 1988, in the second picture you see myself seated at the shack in pictures taken around 1999, third picture shows my Shack as it is now, running Yaesu FTDX 5000 MP Limited, recently purchased by CSY & SON (end of 2014 which replaced mine old FT 1000 MP used for 16 Years) and a Yaesu FT 100, external microfone Astatic mod. 1104, Heil pro Set 4, an Begali Keyer Magnetic Classic, an brand new (20Apr2016) Amplifier Acom 2000A when you need, wich replaced my old TenTec Hercules II, thanks to Marco of CSY & SON, an Automatic Antenna Tuner J.W.Miller model AT 2500 and for antenna test I'm using  MFJ 269 B and Autek mod. VA1, complete my Shack an ADSL Internet connection and for last i bought in 2004 a Rigblaster Pro from West Mountain Radio ,  it introduced me  for first time in in my Ham life, in the world of  digital trasmission mode, PSK31 and  RTTY, this last is my prefered mode and of course SSB and some CW not in the contests i'm afraid " Contest ? --- NO THANK YOU --- hi hi, too much confusion and stress, I never used the VHF and Higher if not very occasionaly, talking about my QSL card it will be 100% OK only via Bureau and Direct or via
specifing QSO's data in the request, in the near future will also ok via LOTW, please no E-QSL, ( appreciated a SASE for direct cards, so my QSL Address is : Enrico Robetto, Via Borgo Nuovo 12, San Maurizio Canavese, 10077, Torino, ITALY ) extra appreciated Qsl from SWL, nothing more to say except to thank everyone.

Here some pictures of my Shack over the Years.

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