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6 to 20m. 5el. Cubical Quad


6 to 20m. 5el. Cubical Quad

At the ending of 1998 I planned to replace my old threeband Cubical Quad antenna just to have system working really also in 17 and 12m, the choice been made with a 5 bands Cubical Quad mod. King Diamond Quad, by MART , to support this big antenna i decided to change my old small tower and rotator too, I bought a 80 feet guyed Tower from GIOVANNINI , mod. TC24/SR/M, it's very strong, 2 foot on a side, with carriage Antenna system (Hazer), rotator is mod. GE 2500/T, complete the system a 24 foot lenght 3-1/2 inches mast, the tower is guyed at four levels and 70 foot from the tower base itself with 1/3 " inches Dacron UV protected rope, the 8 bands Antenna is really formed by two Antennas,  first one is a 6 band Cubical Quad from Mart ( by Bill KC4UZ, now SK) it has five active elements in 6/10/12 m., four active elements in 15/17/20 m. on 33 foot boom, this antenna on 20 meters and 10 meters, originally had two elements fed 150 degrees out of phase with matching trasformer at the feed point, actually it still works very good in 20m., 4 Years agò i removed double driven element in 10m. due to not very good results in this band, removing the matching Trasformer and making a Gamma Match instead, as I did originally before for the other bands, 6/12/15/17m.

30/40m. 2el. Cubical Quad added

Few months later I added 2el. 40m. Cubical Quad by PKW, doing so, some mechanical problems emerged as the inability to put one boom over the other, because the quad 2element 40m as it was made provided for the gamma match vertical, therefore the need for two misaligned boom, so I did include some kind of mast secondary connected to the main through two thicknesses, (see Photo Slideshow), overcoming the problem, after I tied the two boom together with the advantage to strengthen the entire structure, the boom lenght supporting elements originally was 33 feet 8 Mart Quad ), which have been lengthen to 47 feet due to the necessity to guying 40m. Quad arms. the 7 bands Antenna was setup in 1998.
In 2003 I added two element for 30m on the same structure of the 40m. Quad, the results was excellent, was working very well, plenty of new one, specially on 12/17/30/40 m. !
This mix 8 band Cubical Quad has a seperated feed each band, controlled by an 8 band Home Made Antenna switch on the Mast.

Here a photo slideshow on the assembly of a 5el. 6bands 6 to 20m. Cubical Quad.

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