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160m. Inverted Delta Loop


160m. Inverted Delta Loop

November 2003 i take off to avoid interaction, the 160 m. Shunt Feed Tower I'm using till 1999 to make place to an one el. compressed delta loop apex 123 foot high, vertical feed, I had non very good result with the shunt feed tower, we are here in a poor conductivity groud area and also I could not put many radials as a should  I wish due to lack of room, this 160 m. Delta Loop is made of Hard drawn copper wire AWG 10, the two upper side are 148.5 foot each base wire is 240.9 foot, the feed point at 30.69 foot to one corner, feed with 450 Homs balanced line to an antenna tuner on the ground, then with 50 homs coax to the shack.

Performances : During night between 18 to 19 Febbruary 2004 just lost my 2 el. Quad for 40 and 30 m. by a big snow-storm, for this reason, unfortunately i had to take of the 160 m. vertical loop, anyway I have had short time ( two months ) to test this loop, it works very well, with little gain and directionality endfire.

Here a photo slideshow on the assembly of a 80-160m. Shunt Feed Tower.

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