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160m. Inverted L


160m. Inverted L

Autumn 2005 i put up an 1/4 wave inverted L for 160m. the vertical portion is 70 feet lenght, completed with 16 radials layed on the ground, match was obtained with an home made Antenna Tuner at the base of the antenna one feet about the ground, this Antenna replaced my previous 160m. inverted Delta Loop Antenna, I never tried such Antenna before, just test it Winter 2005/2006 it working surprisely well, with little directionality along the horrizontal part of the wire,  I made several new one in this " Top Band "as Japan, Mongolia, Maldives, Malta, Oman, Market Reef, Malyj Vysotskij, Egypt, Benin and others, considering the frequent very high noise I have in this band due to a power line very close to me, I'm very glad of the results.

29 August 2006  added comment

for this  Winter  (2006/2007 ) i wish continue testing the 160m. Inverted L, howewer i will take of the 16 radials layed on the ground and put instead only four elevated radials, i will inform you on the results.

29 August 2006  added comment

15 January 2007 added comments : the inverted L antenna with 4 elevated radials seems to work OK, but situations in this band for me is at the worst, infact very closed to me  ( 85 foot ) i have three phase 15.000 volts power line, wich make me a lot of noise on all bands but particularly in 160 m. , when the conditions are at the better ( calm and humid wheater ) I have steady QRN around an S8, on the worst conditions ( dry and windy wheater or stormy wheater ) the QRN goes up to a S9 - S9+10 DB also more, obviously in a situations like this DX is impossible, i bought a MFJ - 1026 noise cancelling signal enhancer but does not work on this kind of noise,  on this regard, any one of you wish to contact me and telling to me if you have or if you had this kind of problem ? and if you found a solutions ??, TNX in advance.

Clik  here to start recorded noise ( 21Feb2008 at 23 UTC) in 160m. cw at 1830,  the smeter was S9+10 db

Here a photo slideshow on the assembly of a 160m. Inverted L.

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