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16 May 2022 Window Line New Approach - Text available
25 Dec 2021   Award & Qsl Statistic Updated !
21 Dec 2021   My DXCC Challenge Updated !
02 October 2021 Window Line New Approach Pictures available, text coming soon
5 September 2017
Italy, Piedmont, Alessandria Province, Alessandria, the Cittadella,  in occasion of the 60 years the launch of the Sputnik I, in the presence of Gianbattista Judica Cordiglia, on the 1 and 2 days Septembre 2017 will be the inauguration of the Space Listening Center Torre Bert, with the historical re-enactment of listening to the first Russian satellite by the Brothers Judica Cordiglia , a special radioamatorial station by the ARI Piemonte and Short Wawe Listener, specially set up in the Radio Museum of Claudio Girardenghi in the Citadel of Alexandria, with nominative II1MIR ............  read all looking II1MIR on QRZ.COM
17 April 2016
08 April 2016
vendo in blocco oppure in annate separate, riviste di Nuova Elettronica come da elenco clicca quì
23 January 2016
From February 2016 the site ik1mnj changes partially its contents, i decided to make these changes, particularly because my time to spend is less, and this whole series of links that take off needed constant updating, now I want to improve the setting of my DXCC list, completing the addition of scanning of qsl , here for countries that still do not have the link to the related qsl, so in a few words IK1MNJ 's Site becomes a strictly personal site, where I expose my activity almost thirty years of amateur radio, my experiences, activities DIY particularly on antennas, so I removed all that part of sub-pages that are part of the( Ham Radio Topics" like utility page, dx' ing, world ham list, associations & club etc.) and ("Hardware, Software & Literature" links) and some other links of little interest, on this regard, there are many Web sites devoted to this type of thing, thanks to understanding and best regards.
21 January 2015
08 January 2015
27 December 2014

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