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My Noise


My Noise

The passion for Radio is so great e consider myself lucky to have a chance to have put upward a good antenna system, the available space is not lacking, but the noise that I hear on the radio very often devastating, kills the  DX, despite all of this in 24 years of radio, unfortunately sometimes used occasionally, (even with the noise that I hear especially in the summer, but not only), I came to the achievement of having worked through the current DXCC list, having worked recently ZL9HR, the last country missing, plus to add eleven country deleted, in all this work I've put all my commitment, dedication, patience and understanding.
The noise that I hear is caused by a three-phase line of 15000 volts, in the air, ceramic insulators, very close to my house about 12 meters, I have tried all sorts of additional apparatus designed to eliminate these problems such MFJ 1026 Noise Canceling Signal Enhancer and other things but all was in vain, wasted money for nothing, the noise blanker of my Yaesu FT 1000 MP, does not work that much, an average of 1 point Smeter, I defend a bit by putting the antenna at 90 degrees to the power line, but DX coming over 360 degrees around, (this is proof that the source of the disturbance is the power line), the situation improves only when we have wet days, typically rainy-foggy autumn-winter (it will be because of this, I use only the radio in the fall and winter hi) but when arrive sunny and dry days typical of spring & summer , the noise is very high, decreases  only during a storm with rain falls the noise goes away, but increases up again a few hours later when the situation returns dry to normal and somewhere at night time, (Perhaps this is also why I do not use the radio summer day).
This situation you can imagine is a source of anger and frustration, and I always try to check but it is not easy hi, is a continuous fight against an opponent much stronger than mè, as in the book of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra "Don Quixote de la Mancha " fighting the windmills, the steps that i made questioning the Power Utility Firm ENEL has not yielded the expected results, rather ....... now just thinking about how to proceed if a lowsuit against the ENEL, we will see what to do, in this page you will find links to access different file mp3 and avi, recordings made on different bands and at different times, for now is all many thaks for reading 73' de Enrico.

MP3 file, 160m. ssb - 07apr2010 - 2101 utc - noise S9+20 db
MP3 file, 160m. ssb - 17nov2009 - 2009 utc - noise S9+

MP3 file, 80m ssb - 06feb2011 - 0705 utc - noise S9+
MP3 file, 80m ssb - 12feb2011 - 1822 utc - noise S9+10 db

MP3 file, 40m ssb - 14jan2011 - 1925 utc - noise S9
MP3 file, 40m ssb - 18jan2011 - 0940 utc - noise S9+

MP3 file, 30m cw - 26dec2010 - 1929 utc - S8

MP3 file, 17m ssb - 26dec2010 - 1430 utc - S6
MP3 file, 17m ssb - 19feb2011 - 1130 utc - S9

MP3 file, 15m ssb - 24dec2010 - 1507 utc - rain - noise S7

MP3 file, 15m ssb - 03jan2011 - 0930 utc - noise S8

MP3 file, 12m ssb - 18feb2011 - 1010 utc - noise S7

MP3 file, 12m ssb - 28feb2010 - 1600 utc - noise S7

MP3 file, 10m ssb - 02dec2009 - 1100 utc - noise S7
MP3 file, 10m ssb - 05feb2011 - 1305 utc - noise S9

Click here to see a movie that makes well see an effect so-called "CROWN"

Files AVI recorded 07 Dec 2012, Weather conditions : sunny, Dry light breeze, temp. - 3 degrees  (celsius).

Note: as you can see, the 10 meters and 20 meters are low noise this morning,

AVI file, 10/12/15/17/20/30/40m ssb 07dec2012 local time 0840

File AVI recorded 11 Dec 2012, Weather Conditions : sunny, dry, no wind, temp. - 5 degrees  (celsius)
AVI file, 10/12/15/17/20/30/40m ssb 11dec2012 local time 0740

File AVI recorded 18 Dec 2012, Weather Conditions : foggy, wet, no wind, temp. - 5 degrees  (celsius)

Note : as you can see 10/12 m. in my opinion the noise exist even if very low, in 15/20 m. you hear more discharge, in 30 and 40m particularly the noise you hear, and how !, continuous discharge !

File AVI recorded 21Jan 2020, Weather Conditions : sunny, dry, no wind, temp. - 2 degrees  (celsius)

AVI file 20m ssb 21jan2020 local time 13:58

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