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80m. Four Square Dipole Array


80m. Four Square Dipoles Array

Four square dipoles array for 80 m. driven by Comtek ACB-4 hybrid unit, dipoles are arranged in diamond position beaming N/E - N/W - S/E - S/W, performance of this array is not as expected perhaps due to lack of room to keep right symmetry arrangement and not for last it's very close to my home QTH, ( I should need a higher support and  N/W  room ) in fact the dipole beaming N/W lack of room to properly guying and keep it 1/4 wave spacing, besides to have folded back 9.9 foot each upper and lower part of the four dipoles.

17 aug 2004 added comments

During night between 18 to 19 Febbruary 2004 just lost my 2 el. Quad for 40 and 30 m. by a big snow-storm, for this reason, unfortunately i had to take of the four square dipole array to make room around my tower for assembling two 3 el 30/40 m. Yagi, just I'm doing now, as I will finish the job, I have idea to put up again the four square phased vertical array in 80 m., in a better way, the previous four square dipole array diamond shaped around my tower was working good, with around 3.5 - 4 DB gain, 18 DB front to back and 12 DB front to side, even more on DX signal, I will inform you soon as possible on details about new array, stay tuned guys !

New 80m. four Square Vertical Dipoles

Summer 2005 i did the job, now the four dipoles are right spaced, although they are still folded back 9.9 foot each upper and lower part of the dipoles due to the height of my tower too low ( tnx the my neighbour who let me anchor the North West dipoles in to his property ).

Performances : I test the antenna system last winter 2005/2006, it shows in DX path a gain of 4 - 4,5 DB over dipole, 22/24 DB  F/B and 14 DB F/S, less performances on Europeans path, howewer considering that the four dipoles are not yet at the optimun arrangement, due to lack of tower high, ends of each dipoles are folded back themself for 8 feet, the performances seems to be excellent.

Here a photo slideshow on the assembly of a 80m. Four Square Dipole Array.

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