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About Me

IK1TGV Flavio Crovella
Via De Gasperi 7
10077 San Maurizio Canavese
Torino, ITALY

IZ1BCS Antonio Iorfida
Viale dei Cigliegi 15
10020 Moncalieri
Torino, ITALY

I knew IK1TGV Flavio for many Years, he lives here in San Maurizio, he is an engineer, we had few occasion to meet each other, he work only CW and for shure is a good CW operator, last Year Flavio come to visit me in company of IZ1BCS Antonio, he is a Lawyer, he also work mainly CW, I have been very glad to meet both here in my QTH so thanks for the visit, see you an other time, now I looking to arrange sked to visit Antonio in company of Flavio, wishing You good DX.

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